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The Articles of Association


  1. Objective

This Agreement stipulates the rights, duties and responsibilities of users and services in the use of services (referred to as "services") provided by the Human Lane Site operated by Human Lane Co., Ltd. The purpose is to protect customers rights and interests.


  1. Definition

    1. "Service" means a virtual business place where a HUMAN LANE can trade goods or services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services to users, and also refers to a company operating a service.

    2. "User" means a member or non-member who accesses the Service and receives the services provided by the Service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    3. Member means a person who has provided personal information to the “service "and has registered the Member, who is continuously provided with the information of the" Service "and who can continue to use the services provided by the" Service "

    4. Non-member means a person who does not sign up but uses the services provided by the Service.


  1. Terms of clear statement and revision

    1. “Service” shall post on the homepage so that the users can know about the Company name, Place of Business, Owner of the CEO, business permit, contact (Telephone, Fax, E-mail, etc.)

    2. “Service” can be revise the term where the user does not violate the law which are, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, door to door selling act, consumer protection law

    3. "Service" In case of revising the Terms and Conditions, the date of application and reasons for revision shall be stated on the initial screen of the service and the amendment shall be announced 7 days before the effective date of the amendment, Post together on the screen.

    4. "Services" If any of these terms are amended, the amended terms will apply only to those contracts entered into after the effective date of the terms, and the terms of the pre-amended terms will apply to any previously entered agreements. Provided, however, that if the user who has already entered into the agreement transmits the intention to receive the provision of the amendment clause to the "service" within the notice period of the amendment clause set forth in paragraph 3 above and the consent of the "service" It applies.

    5. The terms and conditions which are not interpreted shall be following Act on Electronic Commerce and related/relevant Act and subordinate statute by the government of South Korea.


  2. Offering and changes of the service

    1. “Service” will carry out the following duties:

      1. Provide information on goods or services and conclude purchase contracts

      2. Delivery of goods or services for which a purchase contract has been concluded

      3. Other Services

    2. "Service" may change the contents of the goods or services to be provided by contracts to be concluded in the event of a change in the stock of goods or technical specifications. In this case, specify the content of the changed goods and services and the date of delivery, and announce the contents of the current goods and services from the 7th day before the delivery date

    3. If the contents of the service contracted with the user to be provided by the "service" are changed due to the change of the product out of stock or technical specifications, the "service" shall compensate the user for the damage caused by this. However, this shall not apply if there is no intention or negligence in the Service.


  1. Suspension of Service

    1. "Service" may suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or interruption of communication.

    2. In case of suspension of service under Paragraph 1 above, "Service" shall notify the User in the manner set forth in Article 8.

    3. If the contents of the service contracted with the user to be provided by the "service" are changed due to the change of the goods or the technical specifications of the goods, the "service" compensates the user for the damage caused by this. However, this does not apply if there is no intention or negligence of the Service.


  1. Sign Up

    1. The user submits the membership information according to the subscription form set forth in the "Service" and applies for membership by expressing his intention to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

    2. "Service" shall register as a member of the users who apply to join as a member, if it does not apply to following:

      1. If the applicant has lost his or her previous membership pursuant to Article 7 (3) of this Agreement, except in the case of the member who has passed three years after the loss of membership under Article 7 (3)

      2. When there is false, missing, or missing entries in the registration

      3. If it is judged that the registration of other members is significantly impeded by the technology of "service"

    3. The time for establishing the membership contract is when the consent of the "service" reaches the member.

    4. If there is a change in the registration details pursuant to Article 15 (1), the member shall notify the change of the "Service" by e-mail or other means immediately. Any damage caused by the unannounced change of these changes is the responsibility of the member


  1. Withdrawal of membership and loss of qualifications

    1. Member may request withdrawal at any time from "Service" and "Service" shall immediately process withdrawal from membership

    2. If a member falls under any of the following grounds, the "Service" may limit and suspend membership.

      1. If the member registers false information at the time of application

      2. If you do not pay the debts that you bear in connection with your use of the goods or services purchased using the Service or other services,

      3. If you threaten the electronic trading order, such as interrupting the use of another person's "service" or stealing the information, you may use the "service" to conduct acts prohibited by this Act,

    3. "Service" may result in loss of membership if the same action is repeated more than once after the "Service" has suspended or suspended membership, or if the reason is not corrected within 30 days.

    4. If the "Service" loses the membership, it will cancel membership registration. In this case, we will notify the member and give them an opportunity to call before the expiration date.


  1. Notice to members

    1. If the "Service" notifies Member, it may do so by e-mail address submitted by Member to "Service”

    2. "Service" may be replaced by individual notice by posting on the "Service" bulletin board for more than one week in case of notice to many unspecified members.


  1. Purchase request

    1. "Service “user applies for the purchase on the "Service" by the following method

      1. Enter name, address, and phone number

      2. Choice of goods or services

      3. Choosing mode of payment

      4. An indication that you agree to these terms (e.g., mouse clicks, etc.)


  1. Establishment of contract

    1. "Service" agrees to the purchase application such as Article 9 unless it falls under each of the following items

      1. If there is false information, missing information,

      2. If a minor purchases goods and services prohibited by the Juvenile Protection Act, such as tobacco and alcohol

      3. In the event that the acceptance of the other purchase application is judged to be significantly impeded by the "service" technology

    2. The consent of the "Service" shall be deemed to have been established at the time of reaching the User in the form of the acknowledgment notice of Article 12 (1).


  1. Mode of Payment

    1. The payment method for goods or services purchased from the Service may be one of the following: However, the method of operation of this shall be determined by the company.

      1. Credit card payment

      2. Online bank transfer


  1. Notification of receipt · Change of purchase application and cancellation

    1. "Service" shall notify the user of the receipt when the user has applied for a purchase.

    2. The user who receives the acknowledgment can request the change or cancellation of the purchase application immediately after receiving the acknowledgment.

    3. "Service" shall be dealt with upon request, without delay, when there is a request to change or cancel the purchase of the user before shipment.


  1. Delivery

    1. "Service" specifies the shipping method, shipping cost for each method, shipping time for each method, etc. for the goods purchased by the user. If you exceed the contracted delivery time due to the negligence or negligence of the service, you will be compensated for the damage caused by the company


  1. Refund, return and exchange

    1. . "Service" means that if the goods or services for which the user has made a purchase are unable to deliver the goods or service for reasons such as sold out, company will notify the user without delay and receive payment of the goods or services in advance You must refund within two business days of receiving the payment or take necessary measures for the refund. If not, you must refund the goods already paid within 3 business days from the date you received the goods.

    2. In the following cases, the "Service" shall promptly refund, return and exchange goods within the next business day after the goods have been returned, even if they have been delivered. However, the request period is within 20 days from the date of shipment.

      1. If the goods shipped differ from the contents of the order or are different from the information provided by the "Service"

      2. If the delivered goods are damaged, damaged or contaminated

      3. If the goods are delivered later than the shipment indicated in the ad

      4. In the case where the user's subscription is made without showing the matters to be indicated in the advertisement pursuant to Article 13 of the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc., but the contents of the goods are different from the contents of the advertisement, , You can withdraw your application within three months from the date of receipt of the goods, within 30 days from the date of receipt or notice of the fact


  1. Personal Information Protection

    1. "Service" strictly restricts the collection of sensitive personal information that may infringe basic human rights such as 'race and ethnicity', 'origin and home', and collects the minimum information required to fulfill the purchase contract, the following matters are essential and others are optional.

      1. Name

      2. Phone number

      3. Desired ID

      4. Password

      5. Email

    2. When the "service" collects personal information that can identify the user, service must obtain the user's consent.

    3. The personal information provided may not be used for any purpose without the user's consent, or provided to a third party, and the service is the sole responsibility of the user. However, except as follows

      1. Provide the shipper with the minimum information (name, address, phone number) required for delivery to the shipping business

      2. If it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research, or market research, and if it is provided in an unidentifiable form for a specific individual

    4. If the Service is required to obtain the consent of the User pursuant to Paragraphs 2 and 3, the identity (affiliation, name, telephone number and other contact details) of the person in charge of personal information management, (1) of Article 16, Paragraph (3) of the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use Act, etc. (contents of information provided by the recipient, purpose of providing and information to be provided), and the user shall withdraw this consent at any time You can.

    5. Users may request to view and correct your personal information at any time from "Service", and "Service" is obliged to take necessary measures without delay. If the user requests correction of the error, the Service will not use the personal information until the error is corrected

    6. "Service" shall limit the number of administrators for the protection of personal information and shall be responsible for the loss of the user due to the loss, theft, leakage and alteration of the user's personal information including credit card and bank account.

    7. The third party who receives the "service" or personal information from it will destroy the personal information without delay when it has achieved the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information


  1. “Service” Obligation

    1. "Service" shall not engage in acts prohibited by laws and ordinances or acts contrary to public order and sincerity, and shall endeavor to provide goods and services continuously and reliably as stipulated by these Terms and Conditions

    2. "Service" shall establish the technical and institutional measures necessary to ensure the safety of personal information so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged

      1. Verification information between the "Service" and the customer's PC is encrypted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and communicated through Verysign.

      2. To prevent hacking, we have our own state-of-the-art firewall and run a real-time virus monitoring system

      3. We are working to minimize service downtime through 24-hour system monitoring. We have our own advanced firewalls to prevent hacking, and we have a real-time virus monitoring system running

      4. If any problems are found through the audit committee's audit activities, corrective actions are taken immediately

    3. "Service" shall be liable to compensate the user for any damage caused by the unlawful display and advertisement prescribed in Article 3 of the Act on the Fairness of Advertisements and Advertisements

    4. "Service" does not send out commercial emails for commercial purposes if the users do not want


  1. Obligation to Member's ID and Password

    1. The member is responsible for the management of the ID and password except in the case of Article 15

    2. Members should not allow their ID and password to be used by third parties

    3. If a Member recognizes that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he / she shall immediately notify the Service and, if there is any guidance of the Service,


  1. User’s obligation

    1. The user should not conduct the following

      1. Registration of false contents when applying or changing

      2. Changes to information posted on the Service

      3. Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information specified by the "Service"

      4. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as "service" or other third party's copyright

      5. "Service" or any other act that damages or disrupts the honor of a third party;

      6. Obscene or violent messages, images, voices or other public information to disclose information that is against the public good


  1. The relationship between a connection "service" and a non-connection "service"

    1. If the parent "service" and the child "service" are linked by hyperlinks (e.g., hyperlinks include text, pictures, and moving images), the former is referred to as a "service" The connection is called "service" (website).

    2. The connection "service" shall notify the service bulletin board of the fact that it shall not be responsible for the guarantee of the transaction with the user by the goods or service independently provided by the connected service. In this case, Connection "Service" is not responsible for warranty


  1. Copyright attribution and use restriction

    1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work created by the Service belong to the Company.

    2. User shall not use the information obtained by the use of the "Service" for commercial purposes or for any third party by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or otherwise without the prior consent of the Service


  1. Dispute resolution

    1. "Service" shall set up and operate the damage compensation processing facility to reflect the legitimate opinions and complaints posed by the user and to compensate the damage

    2. "Service" means that complaints and comments submitted by users are treated first. However, if prompt processing is difficult, we will promptly notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule

    3. Disputes between the "Service" and the User may be subject to the arbitration of the Electronic Transaction Dispute Mediation Committee established under Article 28 of the Basic Act on Electronic Commerce and Article 15 of the Enforcement Decree



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