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One hot day in 2009, we headed off to Ninoy Aquino International Airport to go to Boracay. I had a pleasant experience in a well known place in a resort and returned to Manila and witnessed stunning scenes while touring the city. The bus driver who took us off the road was running on a narrow road in downtown Manila, but the road was narrow and the alleyway was too slow to travel. Due to lack of water there were children who are washing their bodies with rain water, people who are peeing outside because they do not have the bathroom, dogs and cats that are thin and has dry and skin diseases, and women who has a 1 year old baby getting hit by a man who seems like husband.

Arriving in Korea, we gathered after work the next day and brainstormed the scenes we witnessed in the Philippines. What is the fundamental problem and what is the best way to solve those problems? How to help the needy people while respecting the order and discipline of Philippine society. The answer we have drawn is "A victorious cycle of employment". No matter what circumstances individuals are in, the financial help is only one-sided which last short, and it is just like a hasty fire-off. Only a person who develops his or her own will, a life in which individual beliefs are firmly standing, and suffering difficulties, can fight against this confused society. The profession is in the midst of such personal changes and the career path of life, desperately needing the "needs" of the people.

When we surveyed the first Philippine market, we saw many Filipinos who has  a lot of talents , and there are still many potential job seekers who have not actively participated in job search activities. However, even now, the middle and lower classes are effectively looking for the job to make their families happy. There was not enough information about recruitment to look for their job. As of 2018, there are a lot of good information centers for the upper classes. Still, some people seem to lack the training which they want to do, what they want to do, how they should approach it, and what opportunities they should take advantage of.

We are an enterprise. Of course, we pursue profit. But we do not think only about our interests. Our first priorities is  to address social information access and to create an environment where job seekers and employer can win at the same time. The top priority is the desire to be an individual who feels happy and proud due to mutual exchange and information sharing. We will re-invest a great deal in making the system for the Philippines, helping the hard people of the Philippines. That's why we exist and the motivation of this system.

We want to help single mothers.

We want to connect a better job for each individuals.

We want to create places where people are bonded together who are restored and happiness can be felt in professional relationships.

We want to inform all workers that when people go work and go home, they smile and greet their children and look at their children's faces and it is the happiest thing in life.

Please join us, we will return  you with our action and practice


- Human Lane


Be the channel between the jobseeker and the jobprovider to reduce the social class gap and provide growing economic power to the people and the country


•   Provide the channel to the "Qualified" and "Extraordinary" job seekers with easy way to shop their job opportunities from job providers
•   Provide the channel to the job providers with easy way to attact their job opportunities to "Qualified" and "Extraordinary" job seekers


•   Online "Job" Shopping Mall
•   Share opportunities

Humanlane is online shopping mall for "Jobs" in the Philippines that connects "Qualified" and "Extraordinary"  jobseekers with the "Great" jobproviders. Unlike other job offering sites, humanlane provides users the clearer and easier career opportunities

For the jobseekers, we offer a channel of Recruitment to the Filipino all around the Philippines where provides "Qualified" and "Extraordinary"  jobseekers opportunities of fulfillment of their dreams and pursuit of better life by displaying JOB opportunities in "Great" Job providers.

For the jobprovidres, we offer a channel of job oportunities where matches a Job Vacancy with "Qualified" and "Extraordinary"  jobseekers by displaying their JOB opportunities from "Great" Job providers.

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