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 Register Recruitment Information

We will provide and give to you a variaty of useful services. As result, you will showing up

your recruitment information to people efficiently.

 View Resume

※Only employer members can see and view cadidate's resume.

You can scrap and print after searching candidate's resume.

You should pay first for searching and viewing resume/CV, we will provide interview request service after checking your payment. 

 My Page
Revise InformationEmployer member can revise company basic informations.


Company Logo

Employer member can register your own company logo and picture,

also can revise it all.

Logo and picture will be posted on list of recruitment page.

Ongoing Recruitment


Employer can manage ongoing recruit info.

Employer can check which people applied in your company.

Employer can check registered service status too.

Ended Recruitment Info
Employer can manage ended recruit info.
Employer can check registered resume, service and personal info. 
Scrap Candidate InfoEmployer can check that scrapped candidates information.
Manage Applying RequestUser can be setting applied info and others.
Manage Requesting InterviewUser can be setting resume or CV on the detail resume page.
Suggested Candidate info to youUser can be setting job seeker conditions, easy to find out valuable candidates.
Search your payment
User can see payment history and details.


 Register your Resume & CV

All user can be registered your resume after joining our membership and logging in system.
If you are our member, it is free to register your resume anytime.
Job seeker can be exposed resume on the top of list used by special candidate service. Resume can be registered 10 pcs per person.
 View Recruitment
Job seeker can access scrap, online apply, E-Mail apply, print and other services. 
Some of companies not allow to apply through E-Mail or online, it depends on company's policy.
 My Page
Revise InfoJob seeker  /Employer can revise personal information.
Manage Resume
Job seeker can be revised resume.
Basic resume is just only one,  job seeker can choose one in registered resume.
Job seeker can be check status of usage of special candidate service, also can be request service too.
Company Saved
my resume
Job seeker can be check which company scrap my resume.
Company list will saved in 3 months.
Company Viewed
my resume
Job seeker can be check which company viewed my resume.
Company list will saved in 3 months.
Request ApplyJob seeker can see that post a job opening.
E-Mail ApplyJob seeker can manage E-Mail apply section.
Ask InterviewSee interview request from company.
Request Company
Job seeker can manage recruit status.
Scrap recruit infoJob seeker can see and manage scrap status.
Recruit info to you
Job seeker setting that searching conditions, and easy to access your favorite recruit info.
Search your PaymentIt will show to you history of payment.

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